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September M365 Compliance Spotlight

By September 29, 2021October 1st, 2021No Comments

A list of all the feature and major updates from September 2021

Microsoft 365 Compliance Center: Core and Advanced eDiscovery: Enhanced Keyword Query Language (KQL) editor experience.

Published 29 Sept 2021 – Message ID: MC288050 – Road Map ID: 85582

Announcing general availability of OneDrive data in Content Explorer.

Published 19 Sept 2021 – Message ID: MC286077 – Roadmap ID: 85626

Microsoft 365 Compliance Center: New and updated sensitive information types (SITs) for compliance solutions

Published 18 Sept 2021 – Message ID: MC285913 – Roadmap ID: N/A

General availability of AIP client and scanner audit logs in Microsoft 365 Audit and Activity Explorer

Published 18 Sept 2021 – Message ID: MC285910 – Roadmap ID: 70600

Records Management: General Availability of Multi-stage disposition review

Published 17 Sept 2021 – Message ID: MC285604 – Roadmap ID: 85591

Co-authoring on Microsoft Information Protection encrypted documents in Office Desktop is Generally Available

Published 14 Sept 2021 – Message ID: MC285023 – Roadmap ID: 82112

Microsoft 365 Records Management–Announcing public preview of adaptive policy scopes for retention and label policies

Published 25 Aug 2021 · Last updated 14 Sept 2021 – Message ID: MC280914 – Roadmap ID: 70578

  • Summary: –
    • Updated September 14, 2021: We have updated the rollout timeline below. Thank you for your patience. This new feature (preview), Adaptive policy scopes, will allow data administrators to scope retention policies and retention label policies to a dynamic set of users, SharePoint sites, or Microsoft 365 Groups.
    • This is enabled by using the properties or attributes associated with these locations. Adaptive policy scopes work with all locations, including Exchange mailboxes, Microsoft 365 Groups, SharePoint sites, OneDrive accounts, Teams chats, channel messages (including private channels), and Yammer user and community messages.
    • Before this release, admins had to manually manage what was included in each policy by creating multiple custom scripts to add or remove locations from a policy. Adaptive policy scopes will automatically add and remove applicable locations to a policy as properties change for the associated user, site, or group.
    • Additionally, adaptive policy scopes are not subject to previous per-policy limits of only including 100 sites or 1000 mailboxes per policy which often caused duplicate policies in large organizations.

Announcing general availability of DLP data sets in Microsoft 365 Activity explorer

Published 13 Sept 2021 – Message ID: MC284828 – Roadmap ID: 85594

In Preview: New named entities SITs for M365 compliance center and enhanced unified policy authoring templates

Published 10 Sept 2021 – Message ID: MC284359 – Roadmap ID: N/A

  • Summary
    • Named entities are sensitive information types that can’t easily be identified by a regular expression or a function. Some examples are medical terms and conditions, person names, and physical addresses.
    • With this update, we are adding 52 new SITs representing named entities. You can use these within the Microsoft 365 compliance center and with the PowerShell cmdlet “Get-DlpSensitiveInformationType”.
    • We are also releasing 10 enhanced policy templates that have definitions which include named entities. These enhanced templates can be used in solutions such as data loss prevention (DLP) and auto-labeling and align to important regulations such as US HIPAA and EU GDPR. Named entity detection will roll out over a period of several weeks for the Data at Rest workloads (Teams, SharePoint Online, and OneDrive for Business).
    • As rollout commences, admins will begin to see match results for named entities for these workloads appear in Content Explorer. As rollout nears completion, admins will be able to author DLP, auto-labeling, and other policies with named entities and use the enhanced templates. Named entities support for additional workloads, including Exchange Online, will be announced in a future Message Center post.

(Updated) Communication compliance ability to analyze linked content from OneDrive and SharePoint Online

Published 13 Aug 2021 · Last updated 31 Aug 2021 – Message ID: MC277647 – Roadmap ID: 82084