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February M365 Compliance Spotlight

By March 10, 2022July 26th, 2022No Comments

A list of all the feature and major updates from February 2022

Communication Compliance: New machine learning classifier for customer complaints (preview)

(Updated) Permanent Redirection of Office 365 Security & Compliance Center (SCC)

Published 4 Feb 2022 | MessageID: – MC320940

  • Summary: –
    • Updated February 04, 2022: We have updated the post title to show as intended, the content below has not changed. Thank you for your patience.We are announcing that we will be completing the final step in the transition from the legacy Security & Compliance Center (SCC) portal to three new portals.  Due to the broad reception and adoption from you, our customers, to the new portals, we feel confident to complete the journey and make Microsoft 365 Defender portal, Microsoft Compliance center and the Modern Exchange Admin portal – the homes for Office 365 Security and Compliance management.Office 365 Security
      • In June 2021, we announced the general availability of Microsoft Defender for Office 365 capabilities in the Microsoft 365 Defender portal ( Security teams can now manage all endpoint, email and collaboration, cross-product investigation, configuration, and remediation activities within a single unified XDR dashboard. Our efforts to bring these solutions together are part of our commitment to deliver world class SecOps capabilities that empower security teams to respond to threats more rapidly and effectively.
      • As previously messaged (MC276896 – August 2021), we announced and initiated the official transition of Microsoft Defender for Office 365’s home to be the Microsoft 365 Defender portal, with automatic redirection of all security features from Office 365 Security & compliance center ( to Microsoft 365 Defender (

      Office 365 Compliance

      • As previously messaged (MC244886 – March 2021), we announced and initiated the official transition of Office 365 Compliance capabilities to the Microsoft 365 Compliance center (, with automatic redirection of all compliance and information protection capabilities from Office 365 Security & compliance center ( to Microsoft 365 Compliance center ( In October 2021, we completed the transition with permanent redirection to the Microsoft 365 Compliance center.

      Office 365 Mail flow

      • Mail flow features are moving to the Modern Exchange Admin Portal (Modern EAC, to align with the overall vision of the Microsoft 365 Experience. This will allow Exchange Administrators to have a consolidated and consistent experience giving the necessary insights and tools to help stay on top of your mail flow environment in one portal. We will continue to invest our resources into making this the best possible experience for our mail flow administrators.
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Briefing Email Language Expansion (JP, ZN)

Published 4 Feb 2022 | Message ID: MC321243 | Road Map ID: 88832

Advanced eDiscovery: Enhanced import custodians wizard experience

Published 5 Feb 2022 | Message ID: MC321247 | Roadmap ID: 88814

(Updated) Records Management – Configure a record label to start unlocked for user-driven records declaration

Published 18 Dec 2021 | Message ID: MC306685 | Road Map ID: 88509

  • Updated February 08, 2022: We have updated the rollout timeline below. Thank you for your patience. We are introducing a new capability to better manage the lifecycle of documents labeled as a record. This new feature enables Records Management administrators to create retention labels that will mark contents in SharePoint and OneDrive as records but will not be “locked” (restricted for edits) until a user manually locks it. This will help customers who use automatic or default labeling of content which includes documents in a draft state which are not yet final and will need to become a locked record until they reach this stage of their lifecycle.
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(Updated) Sensitivity Labels now apply to modified documents

Published 15 Dec 2021 · Last updated 11 Feb 2022 | Message ID: MC305436 | RoadMap ID: 88515

(Updated) Certificate based Authentication for Security and Compliance Center PowerShell

(Updated) Automatically configure Teams DLP policies to protect files shared in team messages

Published: 20 Jan 2022 · Last updated: 11 Feb 2022 | Message ID: MC316441 | Road Map ID: 85667

Advanced eDiscovery – Collections and processing enhancement (public preview)

Published: 18 Feb 2022 | Message Centre ID: MC334208 | Road Map ID: 88881

(Updated) Advanced eDiscovery hold reports coming to public preview

Published: 18 Dec 2021 · Last updated: 18 Feb 2022 | Message Centre ID: MC306676 | Road Map ID: 88540

Microsoft Teams Connect shared channels public preview

Published: 18 Feb 2022 | Message ID: MC334274 | Road Map ID: 70766

(Updated) Records Management, Information Governance & eDiscovery– Optimized behaviour of file versions preserved

Published: 1 Oct 2021 · Last updated: 22 Feb 2022 | Message Centre ID: MC288633 | Road Map ID: 82062